The Mustard Seed

Seeing yourself on video is a challenge to be overcome, but I’m doing it anyway. I hope you enjoy my attempt at a video blog, as well as my new painting, “The Mustard Seed”.

Jesus says that we must receive the kingdom of God like a little child or we will not be able to enter it. I think it means to have absolute trust and wide-eyed wonder at the potential of life. Too often we judge or think we don’t deserve God’s blessings. Too often, we willingly let the miracles pass us by. Really, we just need to be open to receive…Like a child on Christmas morning!

To me, this verse is about having the courage to dream and to let yourself believe that God will use you to create something bigger than you can imagine.

Have you ever had a dream for something, whether it be big or small, and thought, no…I can’t do that? I’m not good enough. God doesn’t see you that way. He can take the smallest of efforts, even the desire for effort, and turn it into something beyond your vision. You don’t have to know what your tree will look like in the end. It might need some pruning along the way. But if you’re willing to pick up your shovel and begin the work, clear away the weeds…you will eventually discover the seed God has saved for you. Sometimes it takes years. But when the soil is ready, you plant that one idea, that one little seed…and then you watch with wonder at how it unfolds.

You don’t have to know what your tree will look like in the end.

In the Mustard Seed parable, Jesus was speaking to people of his time with symbols they understood. They knew how small a mustard seed was. They knew how large the tree could grow. They knew the amazing mustard tree was capable of growing from just about any soil, in any climate. When he said that’s the kind of faith they needed, they got it! I hope that in my artwork, painted for modern eyes, you might know this story again for yourself.

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A special thanks to my friend Cameron Packee for having the patience to help me with this. May this just be a tiny mustard seed on your future path!


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