Paddy and the Wolves, an illustrated children’s book

I’m excited to announce the arrival of my newest project…an illustrated children’s book and coloring book! Written by Steve Nagel and published in America by Gracewatch Media, “Paddy and the Wolves” imagines the life of young Paddy, way before he became St. Patrick. Unable to sit still for prayers, his mother sends him out to help Barra the shepherd, where he learns to trust Jesus in all his adventures. The book also contains prayers for children, facts on St. Patrick, a board game (back cover) and a recipe for Paddy’s mom’s oatcakes.

Paddy and the Wolves by Steve Nagel, Illustrated by Jen Norton. Softcover and coloring book edition shown. Hardcover version also available.

Softcover and coloring book editions of “Paddy and the Wolves”

I have a limited number of softcover books and coloring books in my Etsy store. Hardcover editions are also available and I will list them in March.

If you are a bookseller or Catholic school and want to order a larger number of books, please contact Gracewatch Media directly for the best deal. They are good people and will be happy to help you out. They also offer a digital download, and full pdf previews of the entire story on their site.

And you can also buy the titles on Amazon, of course! If you do buy on Amazon, we would love it if you can return and leave a review. This not only helps the book sell, but “unlocks” the book-viewing capabilities for other buyers.

And finally, if you would like to own any of the original artwork, I have listed the available pieces in my Etsy store (original art section) here.

May you find God in all your daily encounters, just like Paddy!


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