kind words

Just a few kind words from the “Dear Jen” letters you have sent me over the years. I always appreciate your  encouragement. Thank you for letting me be part of your lives…

“The Sodality Ladies at St. Ann’s absolutely LOVED your Magnificat cards!  Even the pastor commented on them and really liked them. Being able to give out your beautiful prayer cards made the event very special.” —K. Fischer

“I haven’t been this touched by something so special in a long time. I can’t stop looking at the magical portrait of our beach house. You have definately captured its specialness…I called my daughter about this heirloom, and we cried together.” —Carol K.

I am now a BIG fan of your work. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! —Etsy buyer

“I fell in love with this art print the minute I saw it. When it arrived today I love it even more! It’s gorgeous and I’m so happy with my purchase.”  —Etsy buyer

…I really love your work…It makes me feel so excited about religion. Like seeing it through the eye of a child! Keep up the good work!  —E
I was so moved by your work, that I went to your website, your FB page and your Etsy store! You are blessed with a beautiful gift and I am so happy you create these colorful, amazing pieces! —Patron email

“Thank you so much for the beautiful paintings. We love them. Its like a little slice of Orcas Island every day!!!” —Jeff B.

“I placed my art on my wall…it is wonderful! I can’t really explain it, but I feel good every time I look at it. The movement and color is just perfect.”  —K. McAdams

“Jen was an absolute delight to work with! Answered all my questions and worked with me [on our custom piece]. This print is gorgeous and will hang in the foyer of our new home. Its a sentimental piece to us and Jen treated the order with GREAT care! Will shop again and don’t hesitate to buy from Jen.”  —Etsy Buyer

“I thank you for your fabulousness!”  —Teddy

“I received my art today and it is even more wonderful than I’d imagined! I can hardly wait to present it!”  —A.S. (artwork commissioned for a gift)

“It all makes me smile, breath deep and sigh…Thank you.  —Roberta

“Jen…I was lucky enough to receive a piece of your art as a Christmas gift. I love it! It has a place of honor in my dining room and it is very meaningful to me…All your art is so fabulous—you are truly a gifted artist. Keep making the world more beautiful!  —Jeanne

“Yahoo! Waahoo! This has been a very fun project! It ahs been a pleasure getting to know you! You ahve pulled through for me through thick and thin—I appreciate that SO much. I talk about you all the time…”  —L. Graham, San Jose Junior League

“Exquisite! Even better than it appeared on the website. Many thanks!”  —Etsy buyer

“I just wanted to thak you for having us to your home to learn about painting and art. Once I could loosen up, I really had a great time. I can’t wait until we do another one!  —T. McNabb, Alpha Phi

“…I was touched by your kind words. I appreciate you sharing your artwork with me; it is so great that you have been able to create a successful career out of your passion!” —Maria Shriver, First Lady of California

“I just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying your painting. It fit the wall space perfectly in our entryway. It sets the tone for the whole house. I’ve already gotten several compliments on it, and I’m looking forward to another painting by you…”  —P. Wilson

“…this month’s newsletter is so beautifully designed, it just POPS! You’ve got my juices flowing!…Thank you, Jen, for consistently puttin gout a quality newsletter…”  —Karen Wong, Leader Emeritus, Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society (commenting on the monthly newsletter I publish for them)

“Beautiful art for good price. This is my second ornament purchase from Jen, and I’m just as thrilled with this one as the first I bought last year! I highly recommend this seller. Jen is a talented artist. I appreciate the fact that her prices make it possible for people on a budget, can afford to have beautiful art. Many thanks Jen”  —Etsy buyer

“Just hung my beautiful Garden Charm on the fence in my backyard and it looks amazing! The artwork arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I’m thrilled!”  —Etsy buyer