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Jen’s 50-50-50 Birthday-Holiday Art Sale!

A picture of Jen's 50th birthday cake.

My birthday cake, made by my daughter!

I’ve decided to hold my first-ever online sale to celebrate my recent milestone birthday. I just turned 50…a good age to be. Wiser and more discerning, not ruffled by little things, comfortable with my own kind of crazy. I could do without my inherited saggy chin (thanks mom). But overall, I’m happy to be here! So there’s the reason for the first “50” in the name of my sale.

And the second “50”? As you know I have been focusing on Catholic folk art for a few years, and things are going really great. Hard to keep up at times! But… it has left me with some extra “secular” art pieces that have no home. They are also orphans when it comes to putting together a cohesive show. So rather than subject them to life in my garage, I’d like to offer them to you with a little incentive. Like restless children, they have been begging me to find them a better home…

As for “50” number three…50% of profits from this sale will be donated to Catholic Relief Services which provides relief in disaster areas around the world.


All you have to do to purchase this art from me is to follow me on one of my main social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @JenNortonArt) from now until Christmas to see what I’m offering. Be the first to contact me via EMAIL using the Contact Page on this site if you see something you want! Please don’t try to contact me via social media messaging for this sale because I may not see it in a timely manner.

• I will be posting a new larger artwork for sale each Friday evening for the next 8 weeks (see selections below), with subsequent smaller works posted mid-week (not shown here).

• The sale will run through the weekend of December 12-13, 2015. All sales will be conducted directly through me, with tax and shipping applied only as needed. We will work out convenient payment for you…but no big advance money orders to 3rd-world countries please (sorry spammers!).

• Each piece offered will only be available at the 50% price for one week (or until sold). First come, first served. You may also choose to purchase the larger pieces shown below before their release date for an even lower price (see details below). If a piece does not sell, it will return to my regular inventory at its regular price when its week is up. No exceptions. All sales are final.

Easy and fun! But if you need a few more reasons to purchase art:

• Reproductions are great and more affordable. But there’s something special about an original. Here’s your chance to own one!

• Give someone a unique gift for Christmas or the winter holiday of your choice!

• Help support the great work that CRS does, including the Syrian refugees and those who will be affected by the hurricanes in Mexico.

• Buy it to donate to your favorite cause (you may write off the full amount of your purchase; we artists can only write off the cost of materials)

• Or just for fun!

Below are the weekend featured pieces, prices and sale dates. See you online…Jen


Painting of Sugar Skulls and Pan Dulce by Jen Norton

Week 1: Calaveras Azucar y Pan Dulce

Week One: Posted Sunday, Oct 25. “Calaveras Azucar & Pan Dulce”
Original price: $1200;  Sale price from Oct 25 to Nov 1 ONLY: $600 (includes frame as shown)
Frame outer dimension: 30×38″, Image size: 22×30″ Acrylic on paper

Picture of "Almost Home" a watercolor painting by Jen Norton

Week 2: Almost Home


Week Two: Posted Friday, Oct 30. “Almost Home”
Original price: $350;  Sale price from Oct 30 to Nov 6 ONLY: $175 (includes frame as shown)
Frame outer dimension: 23×23″, Image size: 12×12″ Watercolor and collage on paper
Early Bird Discount: Buy anytime before Oct 29 for only $150!

A painting of Neahkahnie mountain in Oregon by Jen Norton

Week 3: Neahkahnie Sunset

Week Three: Posted Friday, Nov 6. “Neahkahnie Sunset”
Original price: $1200;  Sale price from Nov 6 to Nov 13 ONLY: $600 (includes frame as shown)
Frame outer dimension: 35.5×30″, Image size: 27×21″ Acrylic, colored pencil and collage on paper
Early Bird Discount: Buy anytime before Nov 5  for only $575!

A painting of tomatoes called "Ready for Salsa" by Jen Norton

Week 4: Ready for Salsa

Week Four: Posted Friday, Nov 13. “Ready for Salsa”
Original price: $600;  Sale price from Nov 13 to Nov 20 ONLY: $300 (includes frame as shown. Please note that this piece is framed in glass and will be harder to ship)
Frame outer dimension: 28×24″, Image size: 21×17″ Acrylic on paper
Early Bird Discount: Buy anytime before Nov 12  for only $275!

"Waiting for Miracles" Acrylic on Canvas by Jen Norton

Week 5: Waiting for Miracles

Week Five: Posted Friday, Nov 20. “Waiting for Miracles”
Original price: $900;  Sale price from Nov 20 to Nov 27 ONLY: $450
Gallery-wrapped canvas size: 24×36″ Acrylic on canvas
Early Bird Discount: Buy anytime before Nov 19  for only $400!

"Lines Crossed" original painting by Jen Norton

Week 6: Lines Crossed

Week Six/Black Friday Special: Posted Friday, Nov 27. “Lines Crossed”
Original price: $3800;  Sale price from Nov 27 to Dec 4 ONLY: $1800
Gallery-wrapped canvas size: 36×48″ Acrylic on canvas
Early Bird Discount: Buy anytime before Nov 25  for only $1500!

"Gelato Counter" by Jen Norton

Week 7: Gelato Counter

Week Seven: Posted Friday, Dec 4. “Gelato Counter”
Original price: $800;  Sale price from Dec 4 to Dec 11 ONLY: $400
Gallery-wrapped canvas size: 20×20″ Acrylic on canvas
Early Bird Discount: Buy anytime before Dec 3  for only $375!

"Circle Dancer" framed giclee print by Jen Norton

Week 8: Circle Dancer

Week Eight: Posted Friday, Dec 11. “Circle Dancer” (framed Gicleé print)
Original price: $500;  Sale price from Dec 11 to Dec 18 ONLY: $250
Frame outer dimension: 29×33″, Image size: 20×24″ Limited Edition Giclée print on paper
Early Bird Discount: Buy anytime before Dec 10  for only $225!

And don’t forget to check on social media for some smaller pieces mid-week!


A Calendar of Healthy Eating

Calendar design © Jen Norton

I wanted to share with you a recent design and art project I completed for the Berkeley Unified School District in Northern California. In an age of school budget cuts, Berkeley Unified has remained committed to providing its students with nutritious, fresh foods, and they produce a beautiful art calendar for their families each year. That’s where I come in…I’ve been lucky to be the artist and designer to put this piece together for the last two years. This calendar features my artwork as well as healthy recipes from the students and staff of the BUSD. I just got my box of samples, so I thought I’d share it with you today!

Interior Calendar Images

The original food paintings below are currently available to purchase or license. Contact me directly with your interest. Individual pieces are $250 each, 9 x 12″, framed acrylic on wood panel. The images are also available as matted art prints ($28). I’ve got four of them listed in my Etsy store… but just ask if you want one I have not yet listed.


Images for Calendar Design © Jen Norton


Calendar Cover Image

And finally, the cover image I painted is called “Bayside Gardens” and measures 24 x 24″. It is painted with Acrylics on gallery-wrapped canvas, and available for $950. Contact me directly to purchase or license this piece. It is also available as a matted art print ($28) or an aluminum Garden Charm ($45) in my Etsy store.

Bayside Gardens © Jen Norton

“Bayside Gardens” © Jen Norton



Artist Feature 4: Jane Ferguson (countdown to Open Studio 2012)

home portrait paintings © Jen Norton

”Grandma Mac’s House“ by Jen Norton

Hi everyone…You may have noticed that I now do Home Portraits, one of the ways I am using my art to honor and celebrate family traditions and stories. I will have a few samples at my Open Studio this weekend for you to see. The great thing about paint is I can make your flowers look bright, paint your house the color you really want it to be…or keep your house just the way it is. It’s up to you…it’s YOUR story! How about ordering one for your mother? Or purchase a gift certificate so she can commission a home or recipe painting for herself.

Summer Blooms © Jane Ferguson

“Summer Blooms” by Jane Ferguson

Today, I’d like to introduce you to my friend Jane Ferguson who will be one of the 14 artists showing with me this weekend at site 256 during Silicon Valley Open Studios. Jane also knows a bit about making flowers bright. Her joyful personality comes alive in every work she does! In Jane’s own words:

“In creating my paintings I like to use bold colours and a variety of mediums. My goal is to achieve interesting  designs in my work and move away from photo realism. My paintings are more about the use of paint and colour than actually depicting the subject matter. I enjoy experimenting with new mediums and techniques and painting on different surfaces. I want to encourage viewers of my art to find their own imagery with in the pieces. The constant experimental and learning process in Art is what I find so addictive and keeps me loving what I do.” 

The Big One © Jane Ferguson

“The Big One” by Jane Ferguson

See more of Jane’s abstracts, florals and illustrations here. We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

Artist Feature 3: Floy Zittin (countdown to Open Studio 2012)

Garden Charms by Jen Norton

Finishing up my Garden Charms!

Today I’m putting the finishing touches on my Garden Charms® for this weekend’s Open Studio. These are super popular because they allow you to hang art anywhere…kitchen, bath, even outdoors! And speaking of outdoors….

Leafy Labyrinth 2 © Floy Zittin

Leafy Labyrinth 2 by Floy Zittin

I want to introduce you to today’s Featured Artist, my friend and amateur birder Floy Zittin. Floy has years of experience in scientific illustration and uses it to gracefully capture birds in their local habitats, which she renders with a mystical quality using watercolor on both paper and canvas. You can see more of Floy’s work on her website or in her new Etsy store. We’ll both be exhibiting this weekend in Saratoga and you can get all the info here.



Sparrows © Floy Zittin

Sparrows by Floy Zittin

Artist Feature 2: Andy Ballantyne (countdown to Open Studio 2012)

Coastal House art © Jen Norton

Coastal California Originals and Prints on Wood

It’s going to be hot weather this weekend for our  Open Studio, but maybe my coastal house art will make it seem like a day at the beach! I love my new 6×6″ paintings on wood panel. Each one is painted with layers of fluid acrylic on carved gesso. Plus, I’m making small prints on canvas adhered to carved and painted wood for a fun, giftable option! Originals are $135; Prints on wood are $24.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to another one of my Allied Artist West friends who will be showing his work. Andy Ballantyne is a retired high school art teacher who clearly knows his stuff when it comes to composition, shapes and color. He works in oils, watercolors and pen and ink. All his work is great, but if you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself here.

Goldsmith Seed Farm © Andy Ballantyne

Goldsmith Seed Farm by Andy Ballantyne

Chickadees © Andy Ballantyne

Chickadees by Andy Ballantyne


See you this weekend in Saratoga!

May 12 & 13, 2012

Artist Feature 1: Yao-pi Hsu (countdown to Open Studio 2012)

Cool Summer Salad © Jen Norton

“Cool Summer Salad,” 20 x 20", Acrylic on canvas

Hi Art Lovers and Fans…

I’m getting all my art ready and planning my booth for my Open Studio this weekend, May 12 & 13, 2012. Today I put the hanging wire on this fun piece called “Cool Summer Salad”. Doesn’t it just make you want to eat healthy? And one of these days I’m going to design some fabric with this pattern…wouldn’t that be awesome to put on my table under my cool summer salad?

I also want to introduce you to some of the other artists I’ll be showing with this weekend. There will be 14 of us in all, set up on a beautiful property at 19880 Lark Way in Saratoga, CA. I’m going to feature one artist each day this week to whet your appetite. You’ll just have to stop by the show to meet the rest of the artists!

Today’s featured artist is my friend and photographer Yao-pi Hsu. Her work was recently selected for the Chief Curator’s Choice Award by the Chief Curator himself of the Triton Museum of Art, Preston Metcalf. About her work, he said, “It is not always the case that a photographer has the eye of a painter, but Yao-pi Hsu does, and she composes her photographs with a delicate of form and color…”

See you this weekend!

Tulip © Yao Pi Hsu

“Tulip” by Yao Pi Hsu


Change your oil, enjoy art!

I’ve got an exhibit of about 25 pieces of art up at the Lexus Service Center in Santa Clara. If you’re a Lexus owner and in need of an oil change, you’ll get to enjoy a little art while you wait. Even if you’re not, you can still take a peek at the art as well as the cars on display…and make yourself a cappuccino while you’re at it! The center is located at 300 Martin Ave in Santa Clara (facing the airport) and the show will be up until Feb 27th, 2011.

Jen Norton artwork on display at Lexus Service, Santa Clara, CA.

Lexus Service Center, Santa Clara, CA

Jen Norton artwork on display at Lexus Service, Santa Clara, CA.

Lexus Service Center, Santa Clara, CA.

Jen Norton artwork on display at Lexus Service, Santa Clara, CA.

Lexus Service Center, Santa Clara, CA