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No matter how small, God’s Love is big!


I have a nervous Boxer named Patti. She came to us after years of neglect and abuse and I love her to death. She reminds me of myself at a young age: overly concerned about small stuff, shy and scared in new situations, but joyful once she feels safe. After a few years with us she has settled in to our family just fine. Lately, though, she’s been shivering with anxiety just before feeding or walking times. It’s December as I write this, and boxers don’t have a lot of hair, but I don’t think it’s the cold. We live in CA and have a heater…even a hairless mammal like myself can survive it! But she has to rely on us to open the door to go out, and with the colder weather making her hungrier, her mealtimes can’t come soon enough.

Tonight as she was shivering right before her dinner time, I said, “Patti…you know I always take care of you on time! What are you shaking for?” I mean, really…in almost 4 years and even on my busiest days, I’ve remembered to feed the dog!  But isn’t it that way it is sometimes between us and God? We’re so desperate to get what we need (or want) that we worry and fret and shake. We can’t focus, we annoy our family. We make ourselves sick. What we don’t do is trust in God: that he has our ultimate best interests at heart and will not forget us. Sure, He’s busy…tons of people in the world have way-bigger needs than me, a white American suburban girl. But my needs are still big to me, and God knows that. He’ll give me what I need, fill my food bowl, all in good time. I should let go of my worry.

What do you need this Christmas? What do you desire deep down in your soul? On Christmas we remember that God came to us in human form to show us the way back to Him (have you noticed He always comes to US… ). He was born a small, helpless, poor child in a world where the powerful were out to eliminate Him from day one. You can’t get any more needy than that. Yet, even from that lowly position, He offers hope and promise. I think there is a message here: even in this big scary, seemingly hopeless world, a infant-God is still bigger. Whatever lack-of-faith crisis consumes us, His love is still greater.

I will always take care of my dog, and she’s not even human. How much more does our Father love us? Do not shake and shiver in the cold, wondering if you are loved. You are. Let the One who Created you give you strength to face your doubts. Let His Love fill your heart and give you Joy.

Merry Christmas.

Something Small has Great Value to God