Jen’s 50-50-50 Birthday-Holiday Art Sale!

A picture of Jen's 50th birthday cake.

My birthday cake, made by my daughter!

I’ve decided to hold my first-ever online sale to celebrate my recent milestone birthday. I just turned 50…a good age to be. Wiser and more discerning, not ruffled by little things, comfortable with my own kind of crazy. I could do without my inherited saggy chin (thanks mom). But overall, I’m happy to be here! So there’s the reason for the first “50” in the name of my sale.

And the second “50”? As you know I have been focusing on Catholic folk art for a few years, and things are going really great. Hard to keep up at times! But… it has left me with some extra “secular” art pieces that have no home. They are also orphans when it comes to putting together a cohesive show. So rather than subject them to life in my garage, I’d like to offer them to you with a little incentive. Like restless children, they have been begging me to find them a better home…

As for “50” number three…50% of profits from this sale will be donated to Catholic Relief Services which provides relief in disaster areas around the world.


All you have to do to purchase this art from me is to follow me on one of my main social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @JenNortonArt) from now until Christmas to see what I’m offering. Be the first to contact me via EMAIL using the Contact Page on this site if you see something you want! Please don’t try to contact me via social media messaging for this sale because I may not see it in a timely manner.

• I will be posting a new larger artwork for sale each Friday evening for the next 8 weeks (see selections below), with subsequent smaller works posted mid-week (not shown here).

• The sale will run through the weekend of December 12-13, 2015. All sales will be conducted directly through me, with tax and shipping applied only as needed. We will work out convenient payment for you…but no big advance money orders to 3rd-world countries please (sorry spammers!).

• Each piece offered will only be available at the 50% price for one week (or until sold). First come, first served. You may also choose to purchase the larger pieces shown below before their release date for an even lower price (see details below). If a piece does not sell, it will return to my regular inventory at its regular price when its week is up. No exceptions. All sales are final.

Easy and fun! But if you need a few more reasons to purchase art:

• Reproductions are great and more affordable. But there’s something special about an original. Here’s your chance to own one!

• Give someone a unique gift for Christmas or the winter holiday of your choice!

• Help support the great work that CRS does, including the Syrian refugees and those who will be affected by the hurricanes in Mexico.

• Buy it to donate to your favorite cause (you may write off the full amount of your purchase; we artists can only write off the cost of materials)

• Or just for fun!

Below are the weekend featured pieces, prices and sale dates. See you online…Jen


Painting of Sugar Skulls and Pan Dulce by Jen Norton

Week 1: Calaveras Azucar y Pan Dulce

Week One: Posted Sunday, Oct 25. “Calaveras Azucar & Pan Dulce”
Original price: $1200;  Sale price from Oct 25 to Nov 1 ONLY: $600 (includes frame as shown)
Frame outer dimension: 30×38″, Image size: 22×30″ Acrylic on paper

Picture of "Almost Home" a watercolor painting by Jen Norton

Week 2: Almost Home


Week Two: Posted Friday, Oct 30. “Almost Home”
Original price: $350;  Sale price from Oct 30 to Nov 6 ONLY: $175 (includes frame as shown)
Frame outer dimension: 23×23″, Image size: 12×12″ Watercolor and collage on paper
Early Bird Discount: Buy anytime before Oct 29 for only $150!

A painting of Neahkahnie mountain in Oregon by Jen Norton

Week 3: Neahkahnie Sunset

Week Three: Posted Friday, Nov 6. “Neahkahnie Sunset”
Original price: $1200;  Sale price from Nov 6 to Nov 13 ONLY: $600 (includes frame as shown)
Frame outer dimension: 35.5×30″, Image size: 27×21″ Acrylic, colored pencil and collage on paper
Early Bird Discount: Buy anytime before Nov 5  for only $575!

A painting of tomatoes called "Ready for Salsa" by Jen Norton

Week 4: Ready for Salsa

Week Four: Posted Friday, Nov 13. “Ready for Salsa”
Original price: $600;  Sale price from Nov 13 to Nov 20 ONLY: $300 (includes frame as shown. Please note that this piece is framed in glass and will be harder to ship)
Frame outer dimension: 28×24″, Image size: 21×17″ Acrylic on paper
Early Bird Discount: Buy anytime before Nov 12  for only $275!

"Waiting for Miracles" Acrylic on Canvas by Jen Norton

Week 5: Waiting for Miracles

Week Five: Posted Friday, Nov 20. “Waiting for Miracles”
Original price: $900;  Sale price from Nov 20 to Nov 27 ONLY: $450
Gallery-wrapped canvas size: 24×36″ Acrylic on canvas
Early Bird Discount: Buy anytime before Nov 19  for only $400!

"Lines Crossed" original painting by Jen Norton

Week 6: Lines Crossed

Week Six/Black Friday Special: Posted Friday, Nov 27. “Lines Crossed”
Original price: $3800;  Sale price from Nov 27 to Dec 4 ONLY: $1800
Gallery-wrapped canvas size: 36×48″ Acrylic on canvas
Early Bird Discount: Buy anytime before Nov 25  for only $1500!

"Gelato Counter" by Jen Norton

Week 7: Gelato Counter

Week Seven: Posted Friday, Dec 4. “Gelato Counter”
Original price: $800;  Sale price from Dec 4 to Dec 11 ONLY: $400
Gallery-wrapped canvas size: 20×20″ Acrylic on canvas
Early Bird Discount: Buy anytime before Dec 3  for only $375!

"Circle Dancer" framed giclee print by Jen Norton

Week 8: Circle Dancer

Week Eight: Posted Friday, Dec 11. “Circle Dancer” (framed Gicleé print)
Original price: $500;  Sale price from Dec 11 to Dec 18 ONLY: $250
Frame outer dimension: 29×33″, Image size: 20×24″ Limited Edition Giclée print on paper
Early Bird Discount: Buy anytime before Dec 10  for only $225!

And don’t forget to check on social media for some smaller pieces mid-week!


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