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Until a few years ago, I thought my job was to be an artist. But then I learned I was really an evangelist, meant to inspire with paint instead of words. Art is my tool of communication, the language I use to inspire others to find joy through faith, family and service.

This revelation came, in part, from an online class I happened upon at a point of burn-out in my own career. What I learned about myself, my purpose and how I should proceed with it all was so valuable to me, I want to share the opportunity with you!

If you are a fellow creative entrepreneur (in any discipline, not just art!), and feeling burnt out or in a rut, I urge you to take a look at “The Business Soul Sessions,” as well as some of the other offerings at “Do What You Love for Life” for inspiration. Taught by former social worker-turned-licensed artist Kelly Rae Roberts and “DWYL” producer Beth Kempton, The Business Soul Sessions class gave me the instruction and insight to really delve deep into what my purpose is, and how I can use that to create a life and business I love that fulfills that purpose and betters the world. I had no idea what to expect, it cost a little bit of money, but it felt right. So I signed up. I’m so glad I did!

Through a number of weeks, the class will guide you and other students from all over the world on a self-guided journey to consider your purpose, the people you are meant to serve, what your product(s) will be, and how you will pull it off. The class is not just for artists…it’s for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit who wants to create a sustainable business they can be proud of. And you can do the whole thing from your computer in your pajamas!

Sound interesting? Take a moment to check it out. The next session of The Business Soul Sessions course begins May 11, 2015. I have an affiliate link here, and I would be very grateful that if you do choose to sign up, you do so through my link (yes, I make a little money back when you do).

As theologian Howard Thurman once said, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Is this your time to come alive?


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